Post: Manifesting SHINTA VR: From Community to Company

Manifesting SHINTA VR: From Community to Company

Virtual Reality Is A Big Dream – A Flashback Series #2

In chasing his dream, Andes faced a pretty tough choice. “If I lasted longer than 3 or 5 years in that company, maybe I could be Technical Director,” Andes said, discussing where he worked before. It was a tough choice because he had to decide ‘take it or leave it’ decision: stay in the multinational company or start everything he had built from zero. 

After great deliberation, calculation, and discussion with his mentor, the time has come when finally Andes concluded from the big decision that the VR company was his life choice. Andes couldn’t imagine if he failed his own plans. He said I do believe that this Virtual Reality technology will affect people’s activities in the future. “Yes, you have to do it!” he continued.

Later on, Andes formed a small team to start the company. As time went on, Andes was the admin of INDONESIA VR COMMUNITY Facebook group; apparently, once there was a message from Japan, “I really want to know how to grow a VR business together in SouthEast Asia and Indonesia. Please, show us. And when you come to Tokyo, let’s meet if you have time.” The message was sent by Akira Sou; he is Andes’ first partner in SHINTA VR.

At that moment, only Andes were available to meet Akira. So Andes asked friends of his in Festivo (a company led by Andes) to join the invitation. The meeting happened in May 2015. Their conversation showed that their vision was more or less the same. Andes felt that Akira had the same frequency as him. Besides, after the meeting, Andes followed up his plans about Virtual Reality business in Indonesia to Akira. The conversation with Akira reminded Andes of his youth.

In elementary school, Andes didn’t play video games like any other kids. Andes enjoyed the rest of his leisure time by reading comics or making comics for his classmates. Andes thanked to his passion so he could experience art. Meanwhile in college, Andes said that he participated in the Art Olympiad. “We brought a different musical theatre. We put Sigur Ros’ song at the end of the performance. I also contacted one of my friends in the Chemistry Department to suggest the smoke effect on the stage. I directed the performance that night.”

By reflecting on his college days, Andes learned about his leadership skills. It flashbacked approximately when he was in his fifth semester. Andes had already prepared a future road map notes which he glued on his boarding house wall. What Andes principally figured out at the time was, in fact, the leader must be aware of something to achieve and the path to be passed.

According to him, making a road map is another form of manifestation. “With that manifestation, everything I did becomes a manifestation of what I want to do. I even made a roadmap until my 65 age,” he said. Even though it seems impossible, Andes believes that his meeting with Akira is part of how the universe works with his subconscious.

Based on the Andes spirit of art, science, vision, and leadership, at the end of the day, Andes and Akira become partners in developing a VR company in Indonesia. At the same time, in other parts of the world, Andes tried to approach one of the RWTH Aachen students from Indonesia who published several papers on Virtual Reality technology. His name is Andrew Steven Puika.

“Happy Birthday Andrew!” Andes wrote on last May 2015 via Linkedin to Andrew as the beginning of their conversation. Andes haven’t met Andrew even once. Unexpectedly, Andrew welcomed Andes’ plan very well. They both finally met when Andrew returned to Indonesia (to be continued)

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