Post: Mia Canasyna – Vtuber Indonesia

Mia Canasyna – Vtuber Indonesia

Mia Canasyna, a cute little girl who is good in three languages is a Virtual Youtuber from Indonesia who likes to make works in the form of video gaming and various other content. Mia’s Youtube channel is not only filled with lots of exciting content while playing games, but Mia also shows her talent when singing. Some time ago, Mia also uploaded a video while collaborating ROKI with one of Indonesia’s Vtuber, Andi Adinata.

With his funny voice, many viewers feel very entertained to see Mia playing light games like Minecraft, Detroit, and others. Mia also made a poll to fix the name of her community, yes, it’s true that you guys didn’t read it wrong. Mia, who just released her channel two months ago, already has her own fan community. Curious how exciting the channel is? Lets went straight to Mia Canasyna’s channel on Youtube.