Post: Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Come to All Major VR Headsets Simultaneously

Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Come to All Major VR Headsets Simultaneously

It has only been a few months since Microsoft Flight Simulator successfully brought back the best of video game air travel. As both returning and new players explore the skies in the 2020 title, developer Asobo Studio continues to update the game with new and exciting content.

The next big gameplay introduction for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be VR implementation, which is expected to release in December. While previously there had been some confusion over which major VR platforms would get the first swing at Microsoft Flight Simulator, it seems timed exclusivity will no longer be an issue.

The news comes from the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator livestream that confirmed the December release date for VR. Alongside the confirmation of a launch month, Executive Producer Martial Bossard confirmed that the game will come to all VR platforms simultaneously. With Bossard specifically referencing the “Vive Family” and “Oculus Family,” those with certain VR Headsets don’t have to fret about being locked out for a specific amount of time. Many had assumed that Microsoft Flight Simulated would be locked to Windows Mixed Reality headset which had previously been exclusive for VR testing.

While there are still some lingering questions about how VR will come to Microsoft Flight Simulator, Asobo Studio did confirm another stream that will focus on Virtual Reality. With the VR update currently planned for a late December release, the VR focused stream will take place on December 17 which is set to outline all the details. With VR now finally confirmed, those still holding out on getting into either VR or Microsoft Flight Simulator can now add more to the hardware sales expectations.

With VR implementation just around the corner, it doesn’t mean Asobo Studio isn’t working on bringing out the best of Microsoft Flight Simulator for those without headsets. The developer is already planning its next big location rework with Microsoft Flight Simulator’s UK Update which is scheduled to release in January 2021. The UK patch comes in as the third “World Update” which previously saw Japan and the US get overhauls. With the currently planned release date, it means that it will be the first location update to release after VR finally brings a new level of immersion.

As players are finally able enter a new dimension with Microsoft Flight Simulator, a big bonus for many gamers is that there won’t have to be a separate purchase. The 2020 iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator owes its existence to Xbox Games Pass which allowed subscribers to test the skies without the commitment. This means Oculus and Vive users can take a chance to see if VR will finally make them would-be pilots in the gaming world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is out now on PC, with Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions in development.