Post: MilleaLab for Virtual Reality-Based Education: 

MilleaLab for Virtual Reality-Based Education: 

Learning Content as Video Game

MilleaLab contributes to Indonesian education. Since 2019 MilleaLab already got much appreciation from Indonesia and other countries globally. One of them, MilleaLab become the keynote speaker at BILT UNEVOC held by UNESCO event a few times ago. In that program, MilleaLab, as the first Indonesian education technology invited by UNESCO, explaind the impact of using Virtual Reality (VR) on the learning process.

SHINTA VR, as a MilleaLab, headquarter company, prepared the product as best as possible. It started from research to conceive some case studies about education in advanced countries, to compare then equalize with the Indonesian education context. MilleaLab found out the results of research on education that the implementation of Virtual Reality technology successfully solves an Indonesian education problems. The implementation of Vitual Reality technology increases student’s interest and memory in the learning process.

Besides, Virtual Reality supports the educational solution to increase students’ interest. But, which party is involved in creating the learning content? In contrast, the majority of teachers in Indonesia are very unfamiliar with the term coding or other digital technologies. Therefore, SHINTA VR innovated through MilleaLab as a Virtual Reality education platform that used video games. So, the teachers don’t need to worry about their computing skills.

Like playing video game, the teachers only need to drag and drop a variety of 3D assets that has been provided by MilleaLab. Have you ever played The Sims? Yes, it’s almost similar. If the 3D assets that teachers need aren’t provided by MilleaLab, they can request that 3D asset in an easy way. The 3D assets requested will be ready to use within a week.

What if the teacher’s device doesn’t support accessing MilleaLab? We do not have to worry. SHINTA VR and MilleaLab team will anticipated as good as possible. The teachers don’t need to purchase an expensive laptop, because the minimum specification needed is only an i3 processor and 2GB RAM which is a general current laptop for citizens nowadays.

The teachers also don’t need to worry about storage space in their devices. Because SHINTA VR already prepared the cloud-based concept as its platform system. All related files to MilleaLab’s VR learning contents will automatically be saved in the cloud storage room. Those are the urgency of SHINTA VR efforts to make Indonesian teachers easier during the revolution on the development of increasingly immersive technology. This is why MilleaLab stands for Virtual Reality-based education, because education is for all of us.

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