Post: MilleaLab: Metaverse for Studying

MilleaLab: Metaverse for Studying

On How Virtual Reality Helps Education

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a gateway that opens the maximization of technology for the world’s population. We are facing an era when technological development surpasses previous achievements. In this era, we enjoy new technology we never thought of or imagined before as it impacts us right after we realize the Law of Demand: technology makes life easier. Technology is always adaptive. It adapts to various human needs.

Now Metaverse turned into the mainstream trend as well as discussed in the previous article. Metaverse provides our new brand prestige so that it affects the lifestyle of 21st-century modern citizens. Perhaps, some people don’t know what to experience with the Metaverse, but the rest need it. Metaverse is our daily life which is no different from everyday reality. Metaverse is a new path for us, so we can create alternative worlds after the pandemic has brought us down.

Metaverse in Education Sector

In the education sector, the presence of Metaverse is a bright light on the limitations of teaching and learning practices during the pandemic. The educational method applied can only rely on online meetings where everything is online-based! This method affected feelings of boredom in the participants themselves. Therefore, we need an innovation that makes the practice of education fun again. Moreover, during the pandemic, online education practices use monotonous learning media.

As an prominent element in the Metaverse, Virtual Reality technology has become an influential part for education in several countries, including Indonesia. The impact of Virtual Reality technology is also very helpful in improving the quality of education in Indonesia. Such as improving the students’ memory, students’ emotions, and fostering interest in students. That three impacts are valid based on research in Germany, China, and several other developed countries.

Since 2019, MilleaLab still presenting the Virtual Reality-based learning media in Indonesia. MilleaLab is the business units for education sector initiated by SHINTA VR (Metaverse Company based in Jakarta) with several national and international appreciations for creating its impacts. MilleaLab is not only helpful for students, but also makes it easier for educators.

MilleaLab has collaborated with more than 1,500 schools throughout Indonesia. This number is inseparable from the real benefits that educators enjoy in creating learning content. Teachers, for example, only need to drag and drop 3D assets and arrange learning scenarios that will be packaged with the students’ journey when entering the content. In addition, teachers don’t have to worry about the students’ participation in the learning scenario because MilleaLab has some assessment features that can directly monitor class actions taken by students.

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