Post: MilleaLab Supports The Realization of New Educational Innovations

MilleaLab Supports The Realization of New Educational Innovations

As we know, COVID-19 has been spreading widely in Indonesia since 2020, and it has a huge impact on our daily activities. With our activities that are mostly do at home now, this also does not exclude the learning process.

In addition to meeting virtually through zoom, or meet, Virtual Reality (VR) can also be a solution to make the learning process more interactive, creative, and also more interesting. The need for technology in education was also confirmed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) published in October 2020. This report states that the absorption of VR technology in education will reach 70% by 2025.

By this case, one of the educational platforms that cares about the development of educational technology, LenteraEdu, which was initiated by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation, believes that Virtual Reality technology can be a solution for adjusting teaching and learning activities in the pandemic era as well as a gateway to unite friendly technology for employees and participants. students simultaneously.

This year, LenteraEdu initiated the VR Ambassador program to produce educators who can become pioneers of immersive technology in the world of Indonesian education. In this program, LenteraEdu collaborates with MilleaLab, which is an all-in-one cloud based Virtual Reality product created by the nation’s children.

The Managing Director of MilleaLab, Andes Rizky explained that, “We (MilleaLab) have previously conducted trials in 10 provinces in collaboration with schools recommended by the Indonesian Teachers Association network. This trial which involved 1800 students from the primary and secondary levels gave very positive results. From the test data conducted, the use of VR can increase students ‘positive emotions by up to 90%, improve students’ memory and understanding of the learning context by up to 80%, and can also increase the class average score by up to 53%, “he explained.

The combination of the experience of educators and facilitators from LenteraEdu with friendly technology from MilleaLab will certainly complement each other as a force that can open the gates of Indonesian education to even greater steps.

The VR Ambassador program is held for six months. The program initially targeted to produce 100 VR ambassadors who could create innovative learning using VR technology and conduct trials with students. Then, the VR Ambassadors are required to disseminate to 50 educators in their places.

Juliana as the Head of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation Program said, “Teachers and technology are catalysts that can accelerate change efforts, this is where the teacher’s role as a transformation driver to create learning innovation through the development of VR-based learning media. Collaboration with Milealab is a joint effort to accelerate the rate of change, “he explained. The Ministry of Industry through the Director General of IKMA, Gati Wibawaningsih, provided support to LenteraEdu and MilleaLab to implement this program.