Post: Miniature Beat Saber Concept Brings Us Into the Future of AR Games

Miniature Beat Saber Concept Brings Us Into the Future of AR Games

The Head of a company engaged in AR / AR, Daniel Beauchamp from Shopify recently posted his unique project on his Twitter page @Pushmatrix. The concept he released was his latest concept about AR and something that became an icon of VR design. In this case, Beauchamp often issues experiments that go beyond the limits on hand tracking.

This time, Beauchamp portrays the Miniature Beat Saber game using Hand tracking. He tweeted three videos that show different aspects of the idea he designed with the 3D model of an aircraft seat and filled with Beat Saber’s cubes. The idea looks like blue and red lightsabers coming out of the fingertips for the miniature version of Beat Saber. There was even an “Expert Mode” that added swords to ten digits, turning the players’ hands into small cube weapons.

Beauchamp expressed his interest in AR headsets, in particular, stating, “I look forward to tracking headsets + AR hands to make our favorite games more portable :)”.

The Beauchamp miniature Beat Saber experience is an example of a future that has good potential for the Oculus Quest hand tracker. Proving the Beauchamp concept shows how the VR rhythm experience can be summarized into a lighter and less physically attractive format using the small movements provided by the Oculus Quest hand tracker.

Unfortunately, the Beat Saber Beauchamp mini experience is only proof of the current concept. There is no news yet about whether the experience will see an official release, although many of its followers on Instagram support the Beat Siber concept to be real.