Post: MIRA: A 3D Mascot for Customer Enhancement

MIRA: A 3D Mascot for Customer Enhancement

Virtual Character System Supports Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi was established in Indonesia in 1970. For more than 40 years, Mitsubishi has conducted automotive business processes in various activities. Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2021 (GIIAS) is one of the activities of the automotive exhibition in Southeast Asia, along with New Xpander Cross 2022 launching.

Who is Mira?

Besides producing the newest products as innovations, Mitsubishi Motors Indonesia also participated in its mascot, namely Mira. With her beautiful presence, Mira managed to attract the visitors’ attention. Mira stands for Mitsubishi Virtual Assistance. As the name implies, Mira appears as a 3D character that can interact like humans.

Mira’s presence also greatly supports Mitsubishi Motors Indonesia’s customer satisfaction. Mira is designed to service on-schedule chat services, test drives, emergency services within 24 hours, and consumer insurance claims. Therefore, Mitsubishi’s loyal customers don’t have to worry about the existing problems.

Mira gives an emerging improvement for Mitsubishi itself. Because before the existence of Mira, Mitsubishi also implemented the same system as companies in general, namely in a relatively conventional way where the consumers interact with Mitsubishi staff directly by telephone or email.

The application of Mira method is, of course, a wise thing that happens in this immersive era of digital technology. Mira, the best innovation from Mitsubishi so far this year, gained a positive response from the community simply because Mira is helping people’s daily activities, especially for Mitsubishi’s loyal customers.

This 3D Mira character is crafted by one of SHINTA VR’s business units, called the Virtual Character System (VCS). SHINTA VR itself is indeed known as a service provider company engaged in immersive technology in Indonesia. Grateful thanks to the consistency, SHINTA VR has completed hundreds of projects worldwide. Mitsubishi’s mascot, Mira, is Virtual Character System’s major project completed for customer enhancement.

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