Post: Non-tech company in America are starting to look to VR in employee training

Non-tech company in America are starting to look to VR in employee training

After many big technology companies like Facebook have poured out a lot of funds for VR investment, other non-tech American companies have also started to look at VR and start to find its advantages to be implemented in their companies. One of the companies implementing the VR technology is, Bank of America.

Bank of America brings training to their workplace in the form of a virtual reality world. In this experimental effort, it has involved 400 employees and experimental experiments that can be designed, planning training simulations using large-scale VR with more than 50,000 employees and bringing VR headsets to various bank branches in America.

American Bank Executive, John Jordan said that, they had developed VR training for everything from notary services to fraud detection. Not only that, Bank of America uses VR as a means of training empathy with customers who experience sensitive things, for example, relatives who have passed away.

VR can be focused on learning because it enters the virtual world, which according to Jordan can be an attraction for using this technology. For Bank of America, VR offers a platform change for checking some conventional corporate surveillance. Jordan said “we are slowly adapting to this”. “We already feel good about the way we invest, but we see this as a way to get better”.

In Indonesia, There is come companies that supports VR technology, one of them is Shinta VR. Shinta VR has Millealab (Education) and Spacecollab (virtual meeting) programs which will assist in the development of technology in training and other fields.

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