Post: On Blockchain and MetaLab Community Launching

On Blockchain and MetaLab Community Launching

Level Up with SHINTA VR
1st Webinar “Understanding Blockchain Technology” 

Sunday, August 28th 2022

However, we need to know how the latest technology works so that it can provide good benefits to our daily lives. In other words, we need to create a shared momentum to exchange insights around technology. That’s why the SHINTA VR Webinar was held as an alternative forum. We call this webinar “Level Up with SHINTA VR” because technology should improve our quality as humans.

With this webinar, SHINTA VR hopes to create a kind of dialogue that brings together several technology activists already dedicated to the realm of immersive technology. In this webinar, we were accompanied by Andrew Steven Puika (CTO of SHINTAVR) and Gilang Bhagaskara (CEO of The two, who have worked in the technology industry for years, gave presentations on Blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain?

Andrew Steven explained that today’s technology industry, based on databases, should start from a desire to benefit many people. In this case, technology must be inclusive and accessible to everyone. If so, it means everyone has equal rights in accessing technology databases, which is why Blockchain was created. Andrew Steven said, the nature of Blockchain is distributive and not decentralised.

Andrew Steven continued that Blockchain was originally used to store financial transactions. But in its development, it is applied for non-financial needs and digital recording for purposes in various creative industries. The need for Blockchain has also become widely used, not only in cryptocurrencies. So, why is it trusted? Because of the transparency of the system. That’s what Andrew Steven explained.

Yes, decentralisation is the main advantage of Blockchain. The main principle of Blockchain is to allow validity in multiple parties. So, the database perspective is the same for every user. With such characteristics, mastery of Blockchain is promising in the technology business. This characteristic is also confirmed by Gilang Bhagaskara, who said that digital data in the Blockchain could be replicated as a smart contract.

Gilang Bhagaskara added that the Blockchain network is adequate for the digital transfer of assets. In Indonesia, the policy on Blockchain only works at the level of cryptocurrency investment. It does not become a means of exchange for payments. But, interestingly, as Gilang Bhagaskara said, this trend was getting faster in 2020. Especially with the NFT phenomenon. To this day, NFT is in great demand, starting from the community and companies, both on a national and international scale. In a Blockchain network, NFT works.

MetaLab Community

After the Q&A Webinar session, the MetaLab Community was inaugurated. This community is planned as a common forum for technology enthusiasts. The hope is that MetaLab can be a solution to a technology problem, namely limited understanding. Especially digital technology. MetaLab was initiated as an effort to accommodate collaborative ideas and meetings around immersive technology. One goal is to adopt the spirit of immersive technology globally through a more massive metaverse project in society.

In line with the Webinar topic, MetaLab was created to celebrate the knowledge of technology. However, Metaverse is closely related to Blockchain. Metaverse is related to digital assets. It’s all about ownership. So, if we don’t learn it now, when will we?

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