Post: Pokémon Go Into the next level

Pokémon Go Into the next level

On May 26, Niantic Labs has released several new AR features that will arrive and enhance the further experience

The first additional feature is Reality Blending, this adds occlusion to make the Buddy feature a little more realistic. it is allowing your Pokemon to be obscured by real-world objects, so they can run and hide, out from behind the couch. This Reality Blending is being tested as part of a snapshot. This advanced AR feature will be launched for testing to a small number of random Trainers with certain Android devices, starting with Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 3, and Google Pixel 4.

In addition to Reality Blanding, Niantic Labs wants to develop a 3-D map of existing Pokétop and Gym with the help of the Pokémon GO community. Called PokéStop Scan, this opt-in feature will be available for level 40 coaches early next month, followed by lower-level players in the future. Niantic Labs wants players to record a maximum of 10 seconds of video from as many angles as possible so they can produce dynamic 3-D maps.

However, during the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), this large AR game will be difficult to play. Niantic has taken several steps to ensure that the game can be played safely from home. The company made plans again in March to continue updating its game during the pandemic.