Telkomsel has a new office building, namely Telkomsel Smart Office in Jakarta. Inside the building, there is a very spacious area that. They asked us to fill this area with technology that was at that time a trend. Therefore, we proposed several Virtual Reality experiences. 

We proposed several entertainment experiences such as, Finding Items, Climbing Tower, and Laser Avoiding games. Additionally, we also produced 360 videos with our partners in several area of Indonesia to promote Telkomsel history and Indonesia tourism spots.

Use case

Finding Items: The player task is to find 20 launch codes (represented by a paper) that is randomly placed inside an abandoned house. The house is occupied by dwarfs who will spawn randomly and move the paper to other places, making it harder for player to complete the tasks. The player has to find all 20 launch codes within the allotted time.

Climbing Tower: The player is tasked to collect all satellite parts and climb to the top of the tower within the time duration. Using VR, the player can move around and climb the stairs like real. The player has to walk carefully on the platform or fall easily.

Laser Avoiding Games: The player starts in a 3 x 3 meters small room, that they need to escape from the moving lasers. He/She has to crouch, wait for the right timing and proceed the laser maze to complete the level.

Telkomsel History and Product Knowledge: The player is brought to the interactive explanation of the Telkomsel History and Product Knowledge

Telkomsel Indonesia Tourism Spot: The player can see Indonesia archipelago from top and select one of the tourism spots to watch in 360. 


We are using HTC Vive for Finding Items, Climbing Tower, and Laser Avoiding Games. The reason we used that hardware because at that time it was the most advanced VR Headset which allows us to create very interactive games.

For the Telkomsel History and Product Knowledge, and Indonesia Tourism Spot, we use Google Daydream. At that time, this VR Headset is more affordable than PC VR and still allows a very good interactivity using one controller.


We performed several tests during Telkomsel 4G LTE launch event where many people came to our booth and try the experiences.


We developed the solution using Unity Engine and Facebook Login to share the game achievement to social media.


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