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We work hard every day and night to ensure that every product and service we offer is made with love and passion. Our goal is always about impact from day one, we believe that working for greater purposes will bring us a brighter future.


Millealab is an All-in-one VR Platform for education launched in 2019. With Millealab, you can create 3D and Virtual Reality based learning content anywhere and anytime without coding quickly, easily, and affordably – it’s just as much fun to create as it is to learn!




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Virtual meeting system that can connect people around the world with realistic 3D view, maintain real-time communication, and collaborate in various spaces.

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Kegiatan Kerjasama dengan Unesco

Air medical learning

1. Millealab bekerjasama dengan SEAMOLEC dalam program “1000 Guru Pionir VR Batch 1 dan 2” yang melibatkan pendidik dan peserta didik dari jenjang K-12 sebagai tim dalam memecahkan masalah di dalam skenario pembelajaran dengan menggunakan konten pembelajaran berbasis Virtual Reality.

2. Millealab bekerjasama dengan SEAMOLEC dalam program “100 Sekolah Pionir VR” yang bertujuan untuk memberikan akses dan pembimbingan jangka panjang secara gratis kepada 100 sekolah terpilih di 34 provinsi Indonesia untuk menggunakan teknologi VR melalui platform MilleaLab