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Virtual meeting system that can connect people around the world with realistic 3D view, maintain real-time communication, and collaborate in various spaces. Our system is multiplayer, multiplatform, and customizable.


Millealab is all-in-one software platform to create VR educational contents quickly, easily, and cost-effective. So far Millealab has been use by 2000 teachers and accessed by 15.000 students in Indonesia.

Virtual Influencer System

Creating lifelike 3D characters to influence mass media. Our system has been used to influence Youtube as VTuber, TV promotions, streaming and live events.


Realizing your beautiful imagination by our custom development. So far we have delivered over than 100 custom projects in 10 different countries. Get the best quality and support here!

Work with us to achieve your dreams.

We are open for partnership and any opportunity to deliver our beauty immersive technology to your business, and community

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