Post: Recalibrating The New Normal With Virtual Meeting System

Recalibrating The New Normal With Virtual Meeting System

he COVID-19 pandemic has given an extraordinarily strong impetus to the need for technology adoption worldwide. Trapped in a state of social restriction, people start looking for new solutions to their daily needs and activities including how to replace several exhibitions or events that are retreated or canceled.

At this New Normal moment, SHINTA VR had the opportunity to develop a system called the Virtual Meeting System. This system can maintain communication in real-time, real, and more efficient by connecting many actors from all over the world virtually.


The Virtual Meeting System is a platform developed by SHINTA VR based on customer desires and with diverse objectives. This system provides a platform for promoting products, digital business meetings, web seminars, parties, learning, and teaching activities.

“We are starting this online service through many discussions with our clients. I believe an Online event is one of the best solutions to promote product and branding for the company during and after this pandemic. They can make any world they want to show. And anybody can join an event from anywhere in the world. I believe demands will increase much more in the future” said CEO of SHINTA VR

Service Features and Details

One interesting feature offered is the appearance of a 3D-realistic avatar in seconds. These avatars come alive like we talk, move, and interact with others. In short, we can pour ideas in the room around like taking notes or giving notes with just the touch of your hand.

Use your webcam to come without a headset, application screen share, or any window from a computer and can upload 3D models, 2D images, videos, and PDFs.

Another advantage is that this platform system can be accessed in multiplayer, ie visitors can meet each other in a virtual room. Therefore, there are no obstacles for institutions or companies that want to use them in large numbers.

SHINTA VR has collaborated with several domestic and foreign companies in developing this online event system. At present, SHINTA VR is developing a VR Party system with the theme of a restaurant.

In the future, SHINTA VR will continue to innovate to develop this platform more broadly and reach all levels of society. Get ready for the next big thing!