Post: Redefining Fashion with Augmented Reality

Redefining Fashion with Augmented Reality

In the past decade, the fashion industry has developed very well and there is nothing to stop it. The introduction of VR and AR technology will bring a new face to the fashion industry. This initiative will not only improve consumer experience but also redefine industry standards. One important aspect of this development is being able to restructure production, marketing, and customer service.

We have been able to see how the technology of Augmented Reality (AR) in the world of fashion. Along with the development of AR technology many fashion industries are also trying to adjust their steps to provide different experiences to customers and adopt AR to follow trends. This technology also allows GAP customers to see how different clothes look at them from different angles before deciding whether to buy clothes, which they can do directly from the application. This experience enables businesses in the fashion world to offer their customers a seamless shopping experience while increasing their income.

Retail giant Zara does this by using Augmented Reality to display in their stores. Customers can hold their cellphones in front of certain shop windows, and they will see models wearing clothes from their latest products. Another AR application developed for buyers is Wanna Kicks, an iOS application that allows customers to try various sneakers from available 3D models.

Some fashion brands have recognized the impact of Augmented Reality on how they can showcase and market their products. Be it physical stores or e-commerce sites, one thing is clear: Augmented Reality can help improve shopping experiences and customer affinity for their brands.