Post: Shop Safer, More Accurately, and As Expected by Augmented Reality

Shop Safer, More Accurately, and As Expected by Augmented Reality

Shopping for Tamil Nadu souvenirs is much easier now. Say no to the need of visiting the outlet directly, or online shopping that sometimes doesn’t match your expectations when the products arrived at your home.

Now, You can see the 3D image of the product you want, feel virtually how it will look if it’s already in your home, and yes, you can immediately order it in the same application, its called PoompuhAR! This is an application launched by Poompuhar based on Augmented Reality to facilitate your shopping experience to be more enjoyable, more accurate, and of course safer!

Have you ever shopped online for handicraft products, but when its arrived, its wayyyy more mini sized? Or the volume isn’t right? Or even the thickness doesn’t match? So sad, yes ☹?

Now at PoompuhAR, they are developing applications to avoid such a shopping experience. This application is available on the Appstore and IOS, which uses geometric photo technology to allow users to see the design height, volume, thickness, width, and other sizes of the product.

PoompuhAR developer said they had generated around 1,500 pictures of bronze crafts, lanterns, paintings, wood carvings, stone carvings, and various other handicrafts.

Meanwhile, state-owned craft developers have also developed virtual reality-based applications that will take someone through their production unit to see these crafts. “By logging in, customers can virtually view crafts and do things like open table drawings. They can also order online, “said Selvestin.

For now, the application are only downloadbale on laptop and PC, but ofcourse, the developer are making efforts to make this application also available for mobile phones and accessible to the public.

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