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Making Your Own Room 

SpaceCollab for Human Development

Unexpectedly, the Covid-19 pandemic has succeeded in growing human awareness to change daily habits. Before the pandemic, we took place face-to-face, but now we do our activities anywhere by optimizing the use of technology. For example, the online meeting that occurs in the professional workplace. The online meeting proves that technology frees us from depending on conventional life practices. We call this phase the New Normal.

In 2022, the New Normal firmly established by the Metaverse trend. Regardless, Metaverse raises public awareness of the need for immersive technology. In short, Metaverse is a virtual world where users can interact with each other in real-time; they use avatars as self-identity. The presence of Metaverse follows up on the human lifestyle amid limitations during the pandemic. We can conclude that the Metaverse is a technological projection for future survival.

One of the technology companies from Indonesia, SHINTA VR has been preparing for this projection since its establishment in 2016. SHINTA VR is now establishing three immersive technology products for giving impacts to society, especially Indonesian people. MilleaLab: a VR-based learning platform. SpaceCollab: a VR platform in the form of roleplay-enterprise training. Virtual Character System: a platform for virtual YouTuber service. SpaceCollab is another form of Metaverse that is devoted to human development purposes.

SpaceCollab for Human Development

SHINTA VR initiated SpaceCollab as a multiplayer and multiplatform Virtual Reality for human development. As the name implies, users can access various platforms such as computers, smartphones, and VR glasses. These access advantages make SpaceCollab users easier to enjoy the impact of professional work simulations with a Metaverse approach. For maximum use, VR glasses help SpaceCollab users to experience the perfect visualization of virtual reality.

Several governments and non-government (private) institutions apply SpaceCollab for human resource training programs or roleplay-enterprise training. In 2021, SpaceCollab collaborated with the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia in developing Virtual Reality for training and trial simulations in court. The aim is to prepare the training participants to understand the trial process before they face the actual conditions. SpaceCollab’s keyword is simulation. With simulation, technology can turn imagination into reality. SpaceCollab lets us experience the life we ​​want to simulate with technology.

All in all, SpaceCollab is impactful for elevating human resources before they face the actual conditions. As an immersive technology, which became the prototype of Metaverse, its proved that technology succeeded in minimizing unwanted things. Besides creating a virtual meeting room (online meeting), users can set the avatar freely based on selfies as their identity. Thus, SpaceCollab encourages our independence as tech-savvy and professional individuals.

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