Post: Teaching and Learning Activities Using VR in Post-COVID-19

Teaching and Learning Activities Using VR in Post-COVID-19

One of the industries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is education. In 188+ countries, schools have been closed, the planned Education curriculum was not by the timeline and had an impact on students and educators. When the schools are closed, students and educators turn to online education. One of them is by using VR technology, VR has special interest because of its ability to simulate any learning environment, wherever students are.

In the U.S., Immersive VR Education has worked closely with one of the VR companies to help provide education services that are easily accessible to students and educators. EON Reality & Veative Labs recently made their AVR Platform & resources free in response to COVID-19. Anyone, be it teachers, students, employees, or entrepreneurs can now use the basic features of the platform until the end of the pandemic free and it’s free to access 

In the case of Indonesia, some time ago the Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim announced that the school year would still begin in July but only in the green zone could conduct face-to-face teaching and learning activities and the rest would conduct online learning.

At this moment, Millealab can be an efficient and effective way of learning activities. The learning system during COVID-19 using VR can be used for learning that is still fun and not boring. Last time, Millealab ran a learning method using VR and could be shared free of charge. With the existence of VR for Education in Indonesia, students and educators can continue the curriculum that has been well planned and fun.