Post: Technology Company: On Business Strategy and Its Possibilities

Technology Company: On Business Strategy and Its Possibilities

The Philosophy of SHINTA VR – A Flashback Series #3

When Andrew returned to Indonesia, Andes was the first man he met. As the discussion continued, Andes told him what he wanted to do with Virtual Reality. Andrew responded positively. It didn’t take long for Andrew to understand what Andes’ dream was. For Andes, Andrew is the right partner to build the technology project.

Indeed, meeting with Andrew reminded Andes about his roadmap that was soon to be achieved. Andes formed a small team to start the company while he was determining the company’s name. At the same time, Andes met one of his early programmers, Adit, on social media. Adit was a student in the Computer Department. Almost as absurd as Andrew on LinkedIn, Andes started interacting with Adit on Twitter.

Once Adit tweeted, “Oops, it’s good to write a thesis about VR, but how it works. I don’t have VR tools.” Considering that he had just bought an Oculus Quest VR device, like a racing car, Andes couldn’t wait any longer. On the second day of Eid 1436, he visited Adit’s house and brought his VR. Adit says “Who are you?”. “It’s me, Andes. I DM you on Twitter,” Andes said. So they have a good convo. “Here, you can use it for a thesis, but you can help me. I need a programmer,” offered Andes.

After meeting with Adit, Andes remembered his friends, Wisnu and Aprian. Then, he decided to meet them in Cilegon on a mission to strengthen the company’s foundation. Andes sees himself at the beginning of SHINTA VR as the main character of the Suikoden game, where he should collect 108 characters.

The Philosophy of SHINTA VR

Andes shared his current condition about the team with Akira. He thought, suppose it’s the right time to determine the company’s name. Andes’  taste in art was also quite influential in creating SHINTA VR as the final decision. The philosophy is taken from Dewi Shinta. The goddess symbolizes beauty, beauty, and purity.

Andes discussed that name with Akira. “It connects to Japanese culture, which has replaced the previous recommendation “ToKa” (Tokyo-Jakarta),” reminded Andes. Since Andes fell in love with the philosophy of Dewi Shinta, he did more in-depth research on the meaning of Shinta in Japanese culture. “In Kanji, Shinta means ‘strong belief’. The root word is ‘Shin’. Shinta in Japan is a masculine name that is the exact opposite in Indonesian culture. Strong belief means bravery, steadfast in your stance,” Andes continued. In 2016, SHINTA VR officially became the name of the company.

Around those years, many start-ups arose in Indonesia; as they tried to give solutions to private and public problems. But Andes knew that the company he wanted to build was a technology company, not e-commerce. “I told my team, we should never expect that in the first 3 years we will make investments. Moreover, we are in Indonesia, a country that has even been underestimated in the technology field,” said Andes.

Andes admitted that he was inspired by a technology company from America, Microsoft, as a benchmark. Microsoft entered the emerging technology field for corporate needs as the first step. “Microsoft developed Windows, at the same time they implemented their emerging technology by providing the corporate needs as B2B strategy,” continued Andes.

Some questions popped up. Andes, “if we follow Microsoft’s way, this will not be impressive for Venture Capital. Because we’re not going to ‘burn’ money. But what’s the point of ‘burning’ all the money? After all, we did B2B as our starting point.” Therefore, in 2016 SHINTA VR began its work with the B2B system for the first three years. In 2022, SHINTA VR has three retail products that have won appreciation from both domestic and overseas. “See the difference?” ended Andes.

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