Post: The AR Role of Replacing Physical Activity in Post-COVID-19

The AR Role of Replacing Physical Activity in Post-COVID-19

Coronavirus has limited outside activity including fulfill daily needs, but what if AR takes over the physical activities for fulfilling daily needs? Below, we summarize how AR took over the distribution of this activity.

1. Instagram Ads

AR technology is a new way for a brand to launch a new product. One of smartphone brand (OnePlus) has just released its new device by AR unboxing on Instagram. They launched two AR filters on their Instagram brand. They hope this can help their customers to be able to open OnePlus 8 series boxes anywhere and anytime. AR makes it easy for marketing brands to sell their products. This hope can make customers connected directly with the products they sell.

2. AR to attract buyers

According to the USA AR survey, 71% of customers buy more items when using AR and 61% of customers visit more online stores that offer AR features. The AR feature will display more detailed product information. This will attract customers to buy a product with complete information without having to involve physical activities.

3. Product Information

AR allows buyers to build separate items by themself. AR will simplify lead the process into small parts and AR features help match them. Likewise, AR can help professional’s customers and support technicians to better access the information they need in the field.

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