Post: The Journey of Metaverse Evangelism

The Journey of Metaverse Evangelism

By Antovany Reza Pahlevi

Chief Evangelist of Shinta VR | Polybius Metaverse Panelist | Co-founder of Stealth Global Metaverse Project

Let me tell you a good story. 

Long before people could think about spoiling their imaginations turn into reality in the Virtual World—people who associate it with the Metaverse. In my humble opinion, the Metaverse is way more beyond a simple virtual world.

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) were the tech-fossil established in 1987. It was almost 35 years ago. Some may have a different set of timeframes. But it’s fascinating and funny at the same time, seeing people (especially the ones who think about business/profit) start to become a dreamer, and an imaginative person, pouring out (virtual) possibilities to drive this A to Z new business model.

When I was first doing VR/AR business, most investors, VCs, some enterprises, and even big-public listed companies rejected the idea of accelerating business using VR/AR tech. They mostly said, starting from “it’s nice to have” until the extreme one like “it’s a waste of technology for business”. 

But now, thanks to Facebook for changing the company name into “Meta”, so that impacts many of the giants start to “lick back their saliva” (Indonesian Proverb). It means they start looking for us, VR/AR professionals at Shinta VR, to help them build and monetize their so-called “Metaverse Initiatives”. I take no offence over that, simply I feel blessed and grateful for what I believed years ago is not a lunatic—utopia point of view. It’s just a matter of momentum, and now the momentum has come.

I start working on many meetings, and discussions, sometimes teaching and becoming a guest lecturer to some universities, government ministries, and larger corporations to tell our vision to build a metaverse. I define myself as a builder, and I think I will always be.

I put Chief Evangelist as my working title because I believe a tech revolution needs to be served by a very good storyteller, a natural-born evangelist, and I want to construct my identity to be that one. Like what Guy Kawasaki did with Apple back then to help Steve Jobs come back to Apple after NeXT, I am doing evangelism to keep learning and sharing with all people without any prejudice, respecting both optimist & pessimist sides. I give as much space for fudders and appreciate as much as I can support whoever stays as a true believer of Web3 & Metaverse.

The journey of Metaverse Evangelism has just started. There’s a long way, a marathon of life, to speak—tell stories, build—show real progress, and evolve—pursuing greater innovation.

If any of you are interested and willing to discuss more about Metaverse Evangelism, feel free to reach me out. Whichever platform you like. See you in the Metaverse!

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