Post: Top 9 AR Trends for 2021 that Marketeer should know

Top 9 AR Trends for 2021 that Marketeer should know

What is new, important and interesting in international marketing? This week, we take a look at what trends augmented reality have for 2021. Well, Let’s take a look Mobidev’s overview about this:

1. Mobile AR: Apple ARKit 4, Google ARCore
These tools have introduced AR technology to developers from 2017 and consistent updates have driven the technology’s widespread use.

2. Shop with AR: Try Before You Buy
One of American clothing brand brings a buying at store-like experience to your home even when it’s under lockdown

3. Indoor Navigation
Have you ever gone around in 1 mall to find the shop you want, but you still can’t find it?
Wow, it’s tiring, right? Well, AR can help you with that. This indoor navigation feature helps you to directly reach the store you want to visit. It’s similar as finding a product at the supermarket with AR. Very helpful, isn’t?

4. Artificial Intelligence as your shopping advisor
AI can provide automatic suggestions for product purchases while customers are in the store, and can help you try various kinds of clothes as fitting room, with just a click.

5. Virtual Technical and Manual Support
AR can provide suggestions to customer cameras via on-screen instructions when pointing their smartphone at a specific point.

6. AR For the Automotive Industry
BMW and Accenture are using AR technology to show new cars in consumer driveways without them having to go to a dealer. This is ideal for driving sales of new cars during lockdown.

7. AR device that wearable
AR glasses are currently being developed to facilitate immersive AR experiences when people are traveling.

8. Events through AR
Now you can view exhibitions and sporting events safely even though it is on lockdown. AR can show holograms of sports players in your home, through your smartphone. Wow!

9. Improve Learning Experience Through AR
Apart from going through VR as implemented by Millealab, AR can also enhance your learning experience with virtual model facilities. Now, you can understand deeply about the concept of subjects you currently learn πŸ˜€

Wow, so many benefits of AR is it ?
Chill, these are just a few of many benefits of AR. Stay tune to our next article, yes πŸ˜€

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