Post: Video Ads Competition SHINTA VR: “Technology MilleaLab For The Greater Good” 

Video Ads Competition SHINTA VR: “Technology MilleaLab For The Greater Good” 

Creativity has no limits because it relates to the imagination. And the way imagination works is always out of the box. However, when a creative idea arises, we often have difficulty finding a channel for its manifestation. We often fail to appreciate creative ideas in a particular work of art. This phenomenon usually happens in uncertain moments or places. However, if any work of art receives a lot of appreciation, it means that kind of work can merit its imagination to public tastes (audiences).

For those who feel creative and have out-of-the-box imaginations, this is the right time to showcase your skills. You can take part in the Video Ads Competition held by SHINTA VR. This competition is a part of For The Greater Good Festival series, celebrating the 7th Anniversary of SHINTA VR. As an immersive technology company established in 2016, it is SHINTA VR’s moment to accommodate creative ideas from immersive friends. Creative ideas packaged in a video advertisement work.

A video advertisement is a supporting part of an advertising activity strategy. Meanwhile, advertising itself is the art of persuasion. Through advertising, we can explore an understanding of a product intensively. That way, we can conclude that a video advertisement is a work based on creative ideas. However, a video advertisement is one of the most convective sources for raising brand awareness, increasing conversion rate, and enhancing customer acquisition rate.

This video competition collaborates with MilleaLab, a SHINTA VR business unit. As an EdTech platform integrated with education in Indonesia, the topic of this competition is related to technology and education, namely ‘Technology MilleaLab For The Greater Good. The duration for each video advertisement is around 30-60 seconds. Every participant may send more than 1 video. This competition, in a way, is defined as your chance to create a work of art without limits.

This competition is for everyone. SHINTA VR and MilleaLab will grant IDR 7,000,000 as a total prize for the winners. This competition is free and requires no registration fee. You only need to understand and choose MilleaLab Creator or MilleaLab Viewer category, produce creative works, and fulfill the following Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

– Select your category: MilleaLab Creator or MilleaLab Viewer

– Upload your videos on IG Feed & TikTok

– Follow, share (poster) & tag @shintavrid, @millealab and @pendekarvr social media

– Mention 5 friends of yours, put hashtags #MilleaLabForTheGreaterGood #MilleaLab #ShintaVR #ForTheGreaterGood #BahagiaBelajar

– Fill out your registration here :

Registration Now!

– You may submit more than 1 video

Frequently Asked Question Video Advertising Competition ‘Technology MilleaLab For The Greater Good’

#1 What is Video Ads Competition ‘Technology MilleaLab For The Greater Good’?

Video Advertising Competition ‘Technology MilleaLab For The Greater Good’ is a video competition held by SHINTA VR, MilleaLab and Pendekar VR. This competition encourages all creative individuals to create Video Ads on MilleaLab Creator and MilleaLab Viewer technology (App).

#2 What is MilleaLab?

MilleaLab is a digital platform (App) for educational purposes, facilitate teachers and students to create and study the 3D and VR-based learning materials. Designed with cloud-technology, MilleaLab ease students to access virtual world created by the teachers.

#3 What is MilleaLab Creator?

MilleaLab Creator is educational App-based which is developed in Unity 3D environment. It supports various kinds of designs to the teachers in creating the virtual learning scenarios. This software offers many ready-to-use 3D templates and elements and allows the teachers to import external objects such as audio, picture, video, and 360° video.

#4 How to download MilleaLab Creator?

Here’s to download Millealab Creator


#5 What is MilleaLab Viewer?

MilleaLab Viewer is a digital platform as the Android VR-based App, facilitates the users (students) to access materials from The Creator. In MilleaLab Viewer, the users may independently choose whether VR or non-VR mode.

#6 How to download MilleaLab Viewer?

Here’s to download Millealab Viewer:


#7 Do you want to join the Video Ads Competition?

Select your category (App) to use: MilleaLab Creator or MilleaLab Viewer >>> Create a video ads with ‘Technology MilleaLab For The Greater Good’ as the theme >>> Upload your video on IG Feed and TikTok  | Follow T & C ‘Technology Millealab For The Greater Good’!

#8 Do you want to see sample video ads?

Find a sample video out by checking hashtag #MadeWithMilleaLab, then create your own version!

#9 What are Terms & Conditions for Video Ads Competition?

You can look Terms & Conditions challenge in @shintavrid IG Highlights ‘T & C Technology MilleaLab For The Greater Good’.

#10 How long does the submission for Video Ads Competition take?

D-Day for ‘Technology MilleaLab For The Greater Good’ for video ads submission is January 20th 2023.

Let’s join the competition now!

#11 How many winner of Video Ads Competition will be awarded?

There will be 2 types of winners: the prime-three winners and the favourite-five winners will gain IDR 7.000.000 as the total prize from SHINTA VR (@shintavrid).

#12 Will the favourite-five winners have any chance to be the prime ones?

It is possible all the finalists have the same opportunity to win depends on the video ads they created.

#13 How many favourite winners will be?

There’re favourite-five winners that will be announced on January 29th 2023.

#14 How much money (the prize) do you earn for winning Video Ads Competition?

Total Prize

1st Winner : IDR 3.000.000

2nd Winner : IDR 2.000.000

3rd Winner : IDR 1.000.000

Favourite WInner (5 Winners): IDR 200.000

#15 Can I submit more than 1 video for Video Ads Competition?

Sure, you may submit more than 1 video as you wish. The more you upload Video Ads, the more you have opportunity to win the competition.

#16 When will the winners of Video Ads Competition be announced?

All the winners of Video Ads Competition ‘Technology Millealab For The Greater Good’ will be announced on January 29th 2023 in all SHINTA VR platforms.

When you create a video advertisement, you can use the hashtag #MadewithMilleaLab for MilleaLab Creator category. Meanwhile, you can use the hashtag #MadeForTemanMillea for MilleaLab Viewer category. Don’t forget the submission period: December 1​​0th, 2022 – January 20th, 2023. Register yourself now, and show your out-of-the-box imagination!