Post: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

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Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are popular topics in this advanced era. It can positively impact any sector, such as education, entertainment, medicine, etc.
But are they the same? And what’s the difference?

  1. Virtual Reality is a computer technology that can create simulated environments like a natural environment. It requires additional devices such as a VR headset. ex: Oculus Rift
  1. Augmented Reality is a technology that expands the physical world. It can create objects that do not exist in the real world as if they exist in the natural environment. AR doesn’t use additional devices. It only uses phones that already support AR features. Ex: Pokemon Go
  1. Mixed Reality combines AR and VR technologies simultaneously. The environment, objects, and people in the real world seem to enter a virtual world where physical and digital objects coexist simultaneously. MR uses Headset as well as a console in its implementation. Ex : Microsoft HoloLens.

Source : Marxentlabs

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