Post: Virtual Reality – Solution For Future Activities

Virtual Reality – Solution For Future Activities

As time goes by, technology will increasingly keep up with the times.  As we all know that the Covid 19 pandemic has never been imagined to happen in our lives, this is proof that parts of our habits must also change because of this pandemic. Starting from not being able to interact much directly with other people, workers are required to work at home, the education sector is also required to study at home.  Therefore, by following a situation like this one must have the right solution in tackling the new habit that will be carried out. Almost all activities run online. From this, technology has a great opportunity to develop. This is an example of the times that affect the existing situation.

One technology that can be the right solution is using Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is the right solution for the future. Why is that?  With Virtual Reality this makes imagination come true. Using virtual reality can make humans feel they are in that place. This Virtual Reality can be used for mosts training. For example, airplane simulations, health training, architectural design simulations of buildings, to games, as well as activities for office workers. This examples are proof that Virtual Reality can help someone to increase their skills and knowledge, without having to do this in the actual situation.

Virtual reality is also an effective and efficient solution for conducting virtual meetings. Almost every day millions of people in the world must carry out meeting activities for their own interests. Starting from work meetings, meetings for education (online learning), to all activities carried out in a virtual way. The participants who carry out the meeting activities do not need to go anywhere. By using a VR headset or other VR device and connecting it to the virtual reality application. If already connected, meeting participants will feel they are in the same room and can interact directly.

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