Post: Vodafone Partners with Nreal to Bring 5G Mixed Reality Glasses to Germany

Vodafone Partners with Nreal to Bring 5G Mixed Reality Glasses to Germany

Vodafone Germany has partnered with Nreal to bring 5G mixed reality glasses to the country.

With the Nreal Light glasses, Vodafone Germany enables customers and companies in its European markets to experience augmented and mixed reality experiences over its high-speed Gigabit 5G network with extremely low latency. Nreal Light will initially be launched in Germany and Spain in spring 2021, with other Vodafone stores to follow.

The glasses are designed for everyday use. Via a wired USB-C connection, users can use the power of a modern Android phone to control the glasses.

Nreal Light are smart glasses for customers that offer an affordable, high quality Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) experience with sophisticated environment recognition. This includes freedom of movement in six degrees of freedom, plane recognition and image tracking.

The augmented reality, which can be experienced through Nreal Light, visually fades digital applications into the glasses like a large transparent screen, at the same time users can easily see, move around and interact with their surroundings. Mixed reality applications go one step further by superimposing sophisticated digital content on top of the visible environment, seamlessly blending the real world and digital content, while allowing the user to interact with virtual 3D objects.

Nreal Light is compatible with most current Android smartphone apps and extends many popular apps through AR. Using a compatible Android device, users with the Nreal Light glasses can surf the Internet or shop, watch videos, TV and sports programs, play AAA games or exchange information on social media – all on a large “virtual” AR -Screen. Up to three apps can be actively used at the same time.