Post: VR Concert During Social Distancing

VR Concert During Social Distancing

The influence of COVID-19 has spread to all aspects and even to connoisseurs of concert music. Since the spread of pandemic is getting worse, some artists often hold their mini-concerts on their social media platform but this time there are other ways to watch concerts. One company that is engaged in the field of VR organizes concerts in virtual reality.

On April 29, the rapper-singer OFFSET AND FRIENDS held a virtual concert at Oculus Venue. The concert also featured Young Thug, Rich the Kid, and Saint JHN. At this moment, people meet in the Oculus Quest or Oculus Go headset and with such a large screen to enjoy this concert together. The purpose of this concert is not only to entertain people who are isolating themselves in their homes, but this concert also aims to help raise money for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

“Yo, I am very happy to announce that offset and friends will hold a virtual concert to raise funds for the Atlanta Community Food Bank,” he said on Instagram the day before his performance and attached their concert slayer. This is their first moment to hold a concert in VR.

Concert in VR is very useful for conditions like now. People don’t need to gather in one place or room directly to watch a concert. This method is most effective for concert music lovers to release their longing for their idols.