Post: VR Meeting Room Makes Your Meeting Easy and Real

VR Meeting Room Makes Your Meeting Easy and Real

In general, VR is exhibited as entertainment and training for several companies in need. VR becomes something interesting because of its function which contains everything more efficiently and effectively. On the other hand, the use of VR during this pandemic has many benefits. One of them when working at home. In the case of meetings, workers will usually use video chat applications such as zoom or skype, but do you know that we can run a business meeting through VR?

Yes, the answer can be once. The VR meeting room was created to make it easier for workers to carry out business meetings. In this usage, people will feel different from the use of video chat normally. This can create an atmosphere of business meetings like business meetings that are conducted directly. In the VR meeting room, the user will be replaced by its avatar and then will meet other users in the portal that has been used.

“Everyone who has been stuck at home for the past few weeks can appreciate freedom of movement. Whether for business meetings or ping pong games, VR provides a portal for a different experience, which is priceless during this isolation period. “Said Rori Duboff, managing director of strategy & innovation – Accenture Interactive.

This moment can make your virtual experience in business meetings easy and real. SHINTA VR is ready to assist you in making your own VR meeting room. Consult with our marketing and make your business meetings come true.