Post: VR Training Helps Medical Personnel to Learn Treatment of COVID-19 Patient

VR Training Helps Medical Personnel to Learn Treatment of COVID-19 Patient

The spread of the coronavirus in the world has troubled the government and also the hospital. Some hospitals have felt the lack of medical staff in dealing with coronavirus and also difficulties in handling this virus appropriately. With the development of VR, one of the hospitals in Los Angles uses a new method for doctors and nurses to train the ability to handle COVID-19 patients

The VR technology is used in Cedars-Sinai hospital to train medical personnel to handle co-19 patients. More than 300 doctors use virtual reality training without handling directly with patients. Doctors also practice how to assess patient symptoms or perform CPR while wearing protective gear.

“It’s like handling directly with a patient,” said Russell Metcalfe-Smith, director of the Center for the Simulation of Women’s Unity for Advanced Clinical Skills at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Russel thinks that this VR training will make doctors handle this treatment appropriately.

Usually, doctors must be supervised by evaluators and colleagues behind the glass but with using VR training, medical professionals practice this skill through a VR headset or tablet, at the hospital or at home. Before the spread of COVID-19, VR training was often used in several hospitals for the methods of dentists and surgeons. Not for hospitals too, some universities such as New York University, Middlesex University, and the University of New England have used VR Training to prepare medical and nursing students with designated professions after graduation.

Besides, this VR technology must be a companion tool for traditional methods that have been used by doctors and nurses. With this VR technology can help medical workers and medical students have new skills and build their confidence before entering the front lines.