Post: What is Virtual Reality?

What is Virtual Reality?

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is an environment that is made by computer technology that enables people to explore and interact in the 3D world. When we step into Virtual Reality, we are presented with ourselves as a character version. We need enhancement to enter this environment in virtual reality, such VR headset, VR accessories and Software that can support the Virtual Reality.

We can do activities for education purposes, collaboration, and entertainment. In SHINTA VR, we have all of them. We have three products, namely SpaceCollab, for simulation goals. Millea Lab is for education purposes. The last one for entertainment is the Virtual Character system.

Three types of Virtual Reality

There are three types of Virtual Reality with difference reality experience.

  1. Non-Immersive Virtual Reality: displays a virtual environment, but the user remains aware of and controlled by their environment. Example: video games.
  2. Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality: provides an experience partially based on a virtual environment. Example: a flight simulator.
  3. Virtual Reality Immersive: produces real experiences, from sight to sound and smell sensations. Example: car racing games and other entertainment.

Device to enter the Virtual Reality world

Virtual Reality technology need added device like hardware and software, so you can enter this environment. Firstly, Virtual Reality technology needs hardware that includes sensory stimulation and simulation such as sound, touch, smell, or heat intensity. there are headsets, hand trackers, treadmills and, for creators, 3D cameras. Secondly, Virtual Reality technology needs Software that can create a virtual environment. They include VR Game Engine Software, VR Software Development Kit (SDK), VR Social Platforms Software, VR Training Simulator Software, VR Visualization Software. In addition, Audio plays an important role in creating credible experiences. Audio and visuals work together to add presence and space to the environment to create a more real experience.

Source : Marxentlabs