Post: XRspace Founder Announces The First 5G VR Headset

XRspace Founder Announces The First 5G VR Headset

Ex-HTC CEO, Peter Chou who three years ago has started his own company, XRspace. On May 26, he launched a new VR platform designed to facilitate social interaction and the world’s first 5G VR mobile headset. According to him, this product is scheduled to go on sale in Taiwan in the third quarter and will be priced at $499

“This is a very exciting time because 5G will come,” Chou said during an interview with ZDNet. “It’s possible that 5G will make the VR experience far more relevant for consumers. We try to make the overall experience more mature so that it appeals to the mass market. “

This 5G VR headset is named XRSpace Mova. This Mova specification consists of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and is completely freehand tracking. This freehand tracking feature is the main control method with 5G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connectivity. The sensor and the powerful optical system on the front of the device support the user to move their body

This device allows users to interact using the XRSpace full-body digital avatar that looks like the user’s appearance. This system uses a user’s photo to design an avatar that can move on the platform.

The XRSPACE MOVA device uses a set of sophisticated optical sensors that are paired with exclusive scanning technology, which can not only translate hand movements into cyberspace interactions but can also be used in innovative space scanning applications to seamlessly re-create physical locations in VR. With real estate partners like YC House in Taiwan, the experience of watching VR houses can be channeled on a scale with the actual form of VR scenes. Users will be able to freely navigate any angle without predetermined paths and make users exceed the limits of 360 photos and videos