Post: Here is Apple’s plans for Augmented Reality

Here is Apple’s plans for Augmented Reality

For the past few months we have heard that Apple working on their own augmented reality or mixed reality smart glasses. But what use does Apple see for this technology? Tim Cook overtakes him.

The CEO of Apple has commented, in an interview with the New York Times, some of the plans the company has for augmented reality as a technology, without going into detail about which devices in the future might use it (that is, not to mention the glasses, of course). According to Cook, the key to its use is to give more context when we communicate with others or with platforms.

“For example,” Cook tells his interviewer, “right now we are having a great conversation. It could be even better if we could augment it by using graphs or showing other things in context. Currently I have already seen how augmented reality has taken off in some areas such as education, sales, health and video games through the use of our phones. And I believe that the promise is even bigger in the future ”.

In other words, Apple would like to provide more contextual information in different situations through the use of augmented reality, the “AR”. For example, if two or more people during a talk or conference use the speculated Apple smart glasses, whoever is giving the talk could add information, data and more context to their words. Without the need for screens or other objects, this would be just the tip of the iceberg for possible uses, although it is clearly expected that these “mixed reality”(A mix between augmented reality and virtual reality) are aimed at a professional audience and not necessarily all consumers, at least initially.

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